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Helping senior pets improve their strength and mobility so they can continue having adventures without skipping a step

At Madison Canine Rehab & Acupuncture, we come to you! 

Whether your pup is a senior dog who has difficulty getting into and out of the car, is healing from an orthopedic surgery, or is recovering from a neurologic injury, we understand how stressful and challenging it can be to visit the vet.

Supporting the Madison area, we provide mobile integrative veterinary care so that you don't have to let your dog's age or injury stop them from enjoying life's adventures. 

What are some indications for physical rehab and/or acupuncture?

- CCL/ACL injury or surgery

- Patellar luxation

- Hip dysplasia 

- IVDD/back surgery

- Arthritis 

- Elbow or shoulder disease

- Slowing down on walks 

- Difficulty getting into or out of the car

- Anything that prevents your dog from enjoying their normal actives

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