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Helping pets improve their strength and mobility so they can continue having adventures without skipping a step

Whether your pup is a senior dog who has difficulty getting into and out of the car, is healing from an orthopedic surgery, or is recovering from a neurologic injury, we understand how stressful and challenging it can be to visit the vet.

Supporting the Madison area, we provide integrative veterinary care so that you don't have to let your dog's age or injury stop them from enjoying life's adventures. 

And if you prefer to not have to bring your pet in, that's okay, too! We provide a mobile service to the Madison area, and we are happy to come to you!

What are some indications for physical rehab and/or acupuncture?

- CCL/ACL injury or surgery

- Patellar luxation

- Hip dysplasia 

- IVDD/back surgery

- Arthritis 

- Elbow or shoulder disease

- Slowing down on walks 

- Difficulty getting into or out of the car

- Anything that prevents your dog from enjoying their normal actives

Here's what our clients have to say about us...

Maureen & Bodhi, 10 year old Goldendoodle

"Dr. Kelsey is AWESOME. She is clearly in the perfect profession, naturally loving on my dog as he recuperated from knee surgery. I feel like I gave my dog every advantage to heal well, thanks to her visits to our home post surgery - and thanks to her colleague, Beth, who did PT during his hospital stay! Thanks, Team, for helping bring Bodhi back to a great life!"

Laura & Chewbacca, 12 year old mixed breed

"Dr Gleason and Beth are a standout team that has helped my active older dog recover from knee surgery and be the best dog he can be. We are both grateful for the special, caring attention and the expertise that has helped us return to normal."

Robert & Bella, 1 year old Samoyed

"Dr. Kelsey Gleason was very informative. She explained everything very well and went over all the dos and don't after our Samoyed's hip surgery. She answered all of our questions and concerns and helped us learn and taught us what we need to do to make our dog's recovery after surgery a success, Thank you for a very delightful informative experience."

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